Friday, April 27, 2012

tell me about yourself:

i dont know much about you so um uh yeah let me know about yourself and if you want to know more then you already know about me then let me know :) if not then just dont reply so ill just be making stupid posts talking to myself and looking completely dumb ass hell lol :*) my life

Monday, April 23, 2012

i have so many blogs:

i have so many blogs and social sites that im on its not even funny anymore. i try to befriend people and talk to them but all i get is this:............. ha! you thought i was going to put something there didn't ya! well no because that's exactly what i get from someone when i try to talk to them NOTHING! nada not even a thanks. i dont no if its them or me but i just hope this experience on here turns out better than all the other ones that failed miserably and with me ending up sad and lonely on the couch stuffing my face while watching the color purple over and over and over again. :) okay so now that ive told you my sob story. why dont ya just tell me yours. do people(strangers) dont mind talking to you on social networking sites? or if not why dont you think they do? <--hope i made the question clear if not then....forget everything i said and go make me a sandwich lol okay *kisses* bye <333

whats up world:

hey you guys this is my new blog im 13 years old. super young yeah i know but whatever imma talk about any and everything that i want. if you like it then join in with the conversation if not then hey!, i guess you'll be missing out then.